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GSoC'19 - Improve LLVM binary utilities


Proposal is here.

LLVM includes binary utilities equivalent to GNU binutils. Basic functionalities are implemented but there are incomplete ones such as Mach-O support. This project aims to support those missing functionalities and improve usability those who crave for an alternative to GNU binutils.

The goal of this project is twofold:

  • llvm-objcopy: Improve Mach-O support
  • llvm-objdump: More human-friendly disassembly


I've implemented all functionalities proposed in the proposal but majority of them are under review. For more details, see patches listed below.


I would like to express my special thanks to James Henderson and Jordan Rupprecht for mentoring me to become a part of the LLVM community. With their awesome support, I learned and experienced a lot of precious things throughout the GSoC and it was really (really!) fun.

Authored Patches in

Patches that are not yet uploaded to Phabricator

Those patches are ready to upload but I'd like to focus on already sent patches.

written by Seiya Nuta
CC BY 4.0