Seiya Nuta
(怒田 晟也)

An operating system kernel enthusiast.
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  • “Design and Implementation of Microkernels” -  A comprehensive guide that delves into the world of microkernels including real-world microkernels (seL4, MINIX3, and Mach) as well as an educational microkernel-based OS (HinaOS). It covers concepts of operating systems, how microkernels make them happen, and recent intriguing research topics. Written in Japanese.


  • Resea -  A minimalistic and policy-free microkernel based operating system written from scratch, with TCP/IP, FAT file system, hardware-accelerated hypervisor, and x86_64 / 64-bit ARM support. I began this open source software project to develop a developer-friendly alternative to MINIX and L4.
  • Kerla -  A monolithic kernel with Linux binary compatibility written from scratch in Rust. I've implemented basic kernel features like fork/execve, signals, mmap, pipe, poll, tty/pty, tmpfs, UDP/TCP sockets, etc.
  • nsh -  A almost-POSIX-compliant command-line shell written in Rust featuring out-of-the-box features just like fish shell. It aims to be drop-in replacement for Bash as an interactive shell.